Screening for Amp(s) bacteria.

Paul N Hengen pnh at ncifcrf.gov
Tue Feb 11 17:48:48 EST 1997

Rafael Maldonado (rafael at howard.genetics.utah.edu) wrote:

> I am searching for a method, involving starch, iodine and penicillin, to 
> screen for Amp(s) clones of bacteria. I know the method exists, but I 
> cannot find the reference in Medline. The screening is based in different 
> color of the colonies growing in solid medium contaning such ingredients.
> Any other reference, using other method, to screen for Amp(s) E. coli 
> clones will be wellcome.

I remember that one, but don't have the reference. Seems to me it was a pretty
old technique, and that might be the reason you can't find it. It might also be
in Miller, J. H. 1972. Experiments in molecular genetics. Did you check there?
Maybe it's referenced in the more recent paper for selecting tetracycline
sensitive bacteria:

author = "S. R. Maloy
     and W. D. Nunn",
title = "Selection for loss of tetracycline resistance
by {{\em Escherichia coli}}",
journal = "J. Bacteriol.",
volume = "145",
pages = "1110-1111",
year = "1981"}

Sorry I can't be more specific.
I hope those clues get you to the right place.

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