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     The features and quality of this microscope match or  surpass
units selling for $3000 to $5000. With 4 objectives and 5 sets  of
oculars, it provides nearly any magnification need. All objectives
are apochromate, and 90x (separate description for n.a. and  other
optical characteristics is possible for request). The 60x unit can
be used either dry (n.a. 0.7) or with oil (n.a. 1.0). Oculars  are
5x, 7x, 10x, 15x, and 20x. The 5x, 7x, and 10x are paired, and the
15x and  20x  are  single  eyepieces  for  photography  using  the
separate  vertical  tube.  Since  the   binocular   head   has   a
magnification of 1.5x, the effective objective magnifications  are
7.5, 10.5, and 15x. An additional 7x eyepiece  with  both  gridded
and ruled reticles is provided.
     The Abbe condensor is centerable, with  full  adjustment  and
with a numerical aperture of 1.4. A separate top lens is  provided
for n.a. 0.3 illumination with low power objectives. Like the very
best Jena units of the 1930s, the diaphragm may be moved laterally
for 10 mm in any direction to allow illumination  from  the  side.
This on of the best condensors ever designed.
     The  stage  is  rotating  and  centerable,  silky-smooth   in
operation,  made  of  bronze,  and  of  the  very  best  precision
     The Koehler illumination system is one of the  best  we  have
ever seen, allowing virtually any adjustment needed. Although it's
more bulky than  the  built-in  illuminators  provided  with  many
research scopes, that bulk provides stability and very best optics
and versatility. It comes with a variable transformer. Spare bulbs
are provided, and we stock more.
     The  microscope  is  massive,   which   provides   stability,
preventing effects of vibration. It weights  approximately  5  kg.
Dimensions are 23x18x36 cm.
     The  units  is  provided  with  a  deluxe  birch  wood  case,
including a tray for eyepieces. Also  provided  are  green,  blue,
neutral density, and frosted condensor filters, immersion  oil,  a
plane  and  concave  mirror,  an  adjustment  tool,  a   jeweler's
screwdriver  for  condensor  centering  if  need,   a   calibrated
cross-hair slide to  aid  in  centering  the  stage  and  vertical
monocular tube allowing length adjustment from 140 to 200  mm.  An
unusual accessory is a hand-blown combined dropping bottle for oil
and oil solvent.
     Many accessories are available, at  very  reasonable  prices.
They include a phase contrast condensor and objectives,  apparatus
for photomicrography, a  dark  field  condensor,  water  immersion
objectives, and more.
     At wholesale purchasing the discount is possible

Sergei Simakov
simakov at sim.spb.ru

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