Online Course:Infectious Organisms and the Diseases They Cause.

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The University of Western Ontario is proud to announce a NEW course via
the World Wide Web. To obtain more info visit the following URL:


This course is offered in response to a growing, or apparently growing,
number of incidents around the world involving outbreaks of infectious
organisms and the diseases they cause. We will explore the fundamental
biological characteristics of both local and exotic pathogens(including
Ebola virus, Hanta virus, HIV, antibiotic resistant bacteria), the basic
clinical aspects of the diseases they cause, current explanations of the
rise in recent incidents of infectious diseases and practical approaches
to the management of these incidents on both global and personal levels. 

This course is delivered entirely using state-of-the-art on-line
technologies including the World Wide Web (WWW). Students will have the
opportunity to interact with each other and with the course instructor in
real time via communications tools, such as "Internet Chat" and
asynchronously via a custom developed WWW conferencing system. 

Visit http://www.mni.uwo.ca/BUGS/ to obtain more info and tell them Brad
sent you.

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