special plated culture media

P. Cantin aab642 at agora.ulaval.ca
Sat Feb 8 11:24:41 EST 1997

I heard about a system called Oryrase designed to cultivate anaerobic
bacteria on plated media.  This enzymatic system removes oxygen from a
special Petri dish.  You can probably find info on the WWW with oxyrase as
key word.  I don't know if it's a canadian company that makes it and wich
medium can be used.  Hope these info will be usefull.


106624.3464 at compuserve.com wrote in article
<5des5k$g57 at lal.interserv.com>...
> did anybody hear about a canadian manufacturer of plated culture media,
> which would realize "all-in-one" plates, incorporating different media
(up to
> 6), plus a specific system generating a particular atmosphere inside the 
> plate. any info welcome. thks and regards.

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