Life Support System

Hayden James REHJames at worldnet.att.net
Fri Feb 7 22:03:50 EST 1997

I am doing research for my high school along the same lines.  I was
thinking of setting up an aquarium tank and putting devices in there to
control temperature.  I would use a cover to seal the aquarium.  I would
have plants in there growing hydrophoically.  The plants would supply
oxygen and water for the inclosed system through respiration and
photosythesis.  I would use a lab rat of similiar organism to test the
system to correct any flaws found.  For an energy source I would just
use an outlet representing a energy source that would be used on Mars
which would be the combining of Hydrogen and oxygen, Methane from Carbon
and Hydrogen, or solar panels.  The problem I have is the recycling
system that would need to be built to recycle solid and liquid waste. 
        I am writing this to give you a description of my project.  I
greatly appreciate any suggestions that you could give or if you could
find a better way to run the project.  A question I have is how would a
recycling system be built in this system.

Thank You

Hayden A. James

P.S. Please e-mail at REHJames at worldnet.att.net

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