catalase neg staph?

N S Uyeda nsuyeda at aol.com
Thu Feb 6 19:43:44 EST 1997

This gram pos cocci has been isolated twice from midstream and cath urine
of same individual. The very beta, non-sticky, colony resembles Staph; on
gram stain too. It's coagulase and thermonuclease positive, beta lactam
neg. Vitek ID is S. aureus if catalase pos.; if catalase neg the Vitek
calls it strep group B, or unidentified.

It's PYR pos but fails all other tests for Strep group A or enterococci
(latex, SxT disk). Only problem is that it's repeatedly catalase neg on
all media.
Any ideas?
Sue Uyeda
Dominican Hosp. Microbiology
Santa Cruz, CA

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