"plastic" loops vs anaerobes

rockbugs at aol.com rockbugs at aol.com
Fri Feb 7 08:58:01 EST 1997

Hello everyone,
     I am looking for scientific references to back up a coworker's
assertion that "plastic" disposable loops are "cidal" for anaerobes. She
is unable to show me the documentation - just claims that she "read it
somewhere a few years ago". I think this is a load of hooey, and would
like to see the journal article or manufacturer's study for myself. In  my
previous position, we used these "name brand" loops in the glove box
without any problems at all. Has anyone seen an article like this? Can
anyone point me to a good search engine or website for this? Thanks much.

Kathy Sherlock, MT(ASCP)

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