"plastic" loops vs anaerobes

Karl Roberts kr1 at PGSTUMAIL.PG.CC.MD.US
Fri Feb 7 12:39:11 EST 1997

Dear Kathy,
We commonly use plastic loops to transfer G- cells and have never had any 
problems. I think you are correct. I don't remember reading anything that 
brings this problem up.

On 7 Feb 1997 rockbugs at aol.com wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>      I am looking for scientific references to back up a coworker's
> assertion that "plastic" disposable loops are "cidal" for anaerobes. She
> is unable to show me the documentation - just claims that she "read it
> somewhere a few years ago". I think this is a load of hooey, and would
> like to see the journal article or manufacturer's study for myself. In  my
> previous position, we used these "name brand" loops in the glove box
> without any problems at all. Has anyone seen an article like this? Can
> anyone point me to a good search engine or website for this? Thanks much.
> Kathy Sherlock, MT(ASCP)

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