Beta testers wanted for molbio prg.

Rolf Kocherhans rolfk at vetvir.unizh.ch
Fri Feb 7 04:26:25 EST 1997

I need some beta testers to test some SuperCard projects which I made on
the Mac for the WWW. They are accessible over the WWW with the Roadster
plug in from Allegiant !

If you do not know what I talk about just connect to the URL, download
the plug in and you will be very surprised.

I have no access to IBM computers so I actually need some people testing
with the roadster plug in for windows.

You can find the plugin here:

You can find the page at:

You can find two different programs there at the moment, one designs
Adaptors or Linkers and the other calculates Ligation dilutions.
The programs are very primitive and have no manual but they should be
easy to use.

Please let me know how they work in any case !

mailto:rolfk at vetvir.unizh.ch

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