"problem about microalgae harvest"

Charles A. Abella dbcaa at fc.udg.es
Thu Feb 6 12:17:31 EST 1997

Dear Tsicchen, I do not know exactly what is your problem about the
microalgae harvesting. I guess you are looking for a good and practica
method for large volumes. We have used a special type of centrifuge
(rather weird in appearence) called Centrifuge Separator from 
Westfalia Separator AG  D-4740 Oelde. Postfach 3720. Phone (02522)77-1.
This machine allows you to harvest in lab with a centrifuge similar to
thouse used in dairy industries.
Charles A. Abella
University of Girona
Dept. Biology
E-17071 Girona Spain
E-mail: dbcaa at fc.udg.es

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