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Educators and Students:


Prepare a film/video/multimedia in any cinematic form (drama,
animation, image-montage, music-video, narrative, documentary, etc.)
for the 1997 World Population Film/Video Festival. The film or video
statement is limited only by the student’s imagination. It can be of
any length (although most fall in the 30 second to 30 minute range).
Submissions must be in ½" VHS (NTSC) format for preview judging. There
is no entry fee.


Secondary and College students, individually or as a group.


Entries must be postmarked by June 15, 1997. DO NOT send the original
program master!


A total of $10,000 in prizes awarded to the top three entries in
secondary and college categories. In addition, a "Best of Festival
1997" VHS tape will be available to secondary and college schools
nationwide; and may be broadcast on MTV, VH-1, Turner, Discovery
and/or the PBS network with the collective title: "The Future Through
Student Eyes." Winners will be juried by a distinguished panel of
environmentalists, population experts, humanists, filmmakers, and
broadcast executives. Winners will be announced September 30, 1997.


To encourage educators and students to explore, using film or video,
the connection between population growth, resource consumption, the
environment, and our common global future. Where are we headed, is it
sustainable, and what can we do about it? This international
competition, while exciting and fun, promotes critical thought and
self-expression concerning the most critical challenges facing
humanity today.

A free colorful poster suitable for classrooms (11X17") , resource
guide, and a copy of the video, "Best Of Festival ‘96" is available.

Rawn Fulton, Festival Director
World Population Film /Video Festival (WPFVF)
46 Fox Hill Road
Bernardston, MA 01337

Tel: 1-800-638-9464
Fax: 413-648-9204
E-Mail: info at wpfvf.com

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