Catrimox: What the hell is it?

Cormac Shaw cshaw at acadamh.ucd.ie
Tue Feb 4 16:00:42 EST 1997

On Mon, 03 Feb 1997 23:21:39 -0800
Peter Anderson <pga at iol.ie> wrote:

>Cormac Shaw <cshaw at acadamh.ucd.ie> wrote:
>>[...Someone else...] wrote:
>>> [...snip...]  using Catrimox purchased from Iowa
>>> Biotechnology Corp., Oakdale USA.
>>> What is this stuff and how can I buy it?
>>Umm....I don't suppose you've tried asking the Iowa Biotechnology 
>>Corp., Oakdale USA.
>>Sorry for being stunningly obvious but I had to point it out!

> Cormac,
>        You are not in the fellows common room yet. You are on the 

Thank you. I know where I am.

> When a colleague requests information the last thing one expects 
>is a smartarse with a primary degree offering supercillious advice. Cop on 
>a mhic

Would you care to point out to me where it says that this newsgroup 
is for the use of doctorate holders only? (I'm assuming from your 
tone, if not your sig., that you have one). Perhaps I should withhold 
future postings for a couple of months until I am similarly elevated 
to those lofty heights. 
  I found humour in the manner in which the original poster phrased 
his question and decided to share it. I hope he took it as the piece 
of good-natured ribbing it was intended to be.  If he was annoyed by the 
comment, he kept it within reason and certainly didn't feel compelled to 
post insulting comments about primary degree holders. You do realise 
that you were asserting an arrogant position over a great many of 
this group's subscribers? I've noticed that people can have a PhD and 
still be, em, less than perfect while the lack of such a qualification
does not always imply that the human concerned is a bumbling idiot.

 Lighten up! I am hardly the first to send a ;-) type posting to the group.
All work and no play makes Peter a dull scientist. If this kind of thing 
offends you so much, what do you send to the multitude of spammers
on this group?

Yours sincerely,


[ If you are a potential employer, please disregard this message. Ha! ;-) ]
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