Cambridge or Warwick ?

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> > Hi, I am 16 years old and about to start my A Levels. I know it is a
> > bit early to be asking such questions but - In the microbiology
> > industries, is it considered better to have a Degree from Cambridge
> > (Natural Sciences faculty) or one from Waraick (I have been told has
> > the best microbiology faculty in the Country) ? Bob
> Where?  Never heard of either of them as far as micro goes...B-)  I'd 
> recommend Cpae Town, myself.
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I have never heard of Cpae (sic) Town for Microbiology or anything else. 
I understand Cape Town is quite good, though.  It would be unprofessional
of me to comment on the capability of other Universities in my discipline
in the UK.  

Seriously, do not confuse quality of undergraduate education with research
reputation.  These are two different things.  You should get chance to
visit a few Universities during your A-levels; go to Open Days etc.  The
quality of education received is often dependent on the individual
student, and it is a personal choice.

Here at Birmingham you would do a general first year to gain a strong
grounding in other related disciplines (Biochemistry, Animal and Plant
Biology, Genetics, etc) and specialise in your 2nd and 3rd year.    

Many of my industrial contacts want students who are well-trained in a
basic discipline (which may be Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry,
Biology, Chem Eng, etc) rather than an 'applied' course.

I hope that helps.  Good luck in your choice.

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