Cambridge or Warwick ?

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Ed Rybicki wrote:
> > Hi, I am 16 years old and about to start my A Levels. I know it is a
> > bit early to be asking such questions but - In the microbiology
> > industries, is it considered better to have a Degree from Cambridge
> > (Natural Sciences faculty) or one from Waraick (I have been told has
> > the best microbiology faculty in the Country) ? Bob
> Where?  Never heard of either of them as far as micro goes...B-)  I'd
> recommend Cpae Town, myself.
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Microbiology industries? Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh used to have 
the only course in Brewing Science in the UK. You may want to consider 
Chemical Engineering courses as well, and Strathclyde University in 
Glasgow has a strong Fermentation unit. Warwick is certainly known for 
industrial microbiology, while Cambridge is mainly known for being 

Graham Shepherd
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