Spirit of '76

GS muhero at globalnet.co.uk
Tue Dec 30 14:39:14 EST 1997

Danny Oper wrote:
> How much coincidence is too much coincidence?  That is up to
> individual readers to decide for themselves.  My job, in trying to
> arouse more curiosity as to the origins of emerging diseases,
> is to try to point out more clearly, exactly how much coincidence
> exists.
> I find that pouring over chronologies of events sometimes reveals
> interesting patterns, as well as giving you a feeling for the spirit
> of a time- an intangible factor that can be nearly as important.
> In 1976, the first case of Legionnaire's disease, ever, was recorded
> in Philadelphia.

The organism was isolated and cultivated for the first time in 1976.
Then  it was found to have been the causal agent in several previously
undiagnosed infections as far back as 1943. Naming something doesn't
give you as much power over it as you would like to think. Remember that
the French discovered HIV first and called it LAV.

And synchronicity is an illusion caused by selective focus.


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