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Sat Dec 27 11:02:19 EST 1997

Mark Wolcott wrote,

<Does anyone know of a commercial source for Mycoplasma media? I'm 
particularly interested in SP4 or Jordan's formulations.>

Difco sells PPLO media for the growth of  "pleuro-pneumonia-like 
organisms," i.e., mycoplasma. However, it doesn't say anything about SP4 
or Jordan's formulations (and alas, I'm not familiar with those either, 
not having worked with mycoplasma myself). I can't judge, therefore, if 
this is the media you want, but perhaps you can from the recipes:

Per Liter of DI H20:

PPLO Agar:

Beef Heart Infusion:  50 g
Peptone: 10 g
NaCl: 5 g
Agar: 14 g

PPLO Broth Media:

Formulations same as above, minus the agar. Available with and without 
crystal violet.

PPLO Serum fraction (sterile solution of partially purified serum 
fraction required for growth of mycoplasma)

Well, I hope this helps you a little.


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