Pedro lab-rat at icanect.net
Sun Dec 21 22:55:49 EST 1997

> I was amazed at the amount of MRSA that I was growing (usually
> on wounds). 

I don't know how acurate this statement is but I've heard that the
insidence of MRSA is much higher on those hospitals where doctors are
somehow careless on prescribing drugs like ciprofloxacin. Some quinolones
are known to promote the expresion of the gene that would convert a regular
Staph aureus into a MRSA.

> Lately, I have been growing mass amounts of Staff Epi (usually in the
eye) that is resistant to oxacillin. I have been told to report it as MRSE,
yet it is not to be treated as a "panic" situation,  as MRSA is.

I've been working in Micro for only one year but I've noticed that normal
skin flora, S. epi or other coag neg Staph seem to be more resistant to
antibiotics in general. However, depending on the site and sintomatology
they may still be considered normal flora and reporting them as patogens
may lead to an unnecesary treatment which won't help the patient's health
or economy.

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