Drug Resistance

WRowe0521 wrowe0521 at aol.com
Tue Dec 23 17:45:07 EST 1997

I'm interested in the way in which drug resistance affects the subsequent
reproductive fitness of the resistant organism.
Can anyone tell me of a documented case of a bacterium or protozoan having been
almost entirely  eliminated by an effective pharmaceutical, rebounding with a
resistant type and recapturing  (at first or eventually) its original level of
fitness (virulence, lethality, or some other criterion). Or, if no such case
exists, some documented evidence that in all examined cases the resistant type
is less virulent than its precursor (if this were the case, it would seem to
follow that multidrug-resistant organisms would be severely compromised).
I would like something that is documented, ideally a web reference, something
accessible to someone who doesn't have access to a university library, but I’ll
take n academic journal reference if that's all you have.
Thank you very much.
Bill Rowe

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