Merry Microbiology Christmas Once Again

Yersinia yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET
Mon Dec 22 23:17:39 EST 1997

Hello everyone...

No hate mails, one love mail, so.... Here's the new one:

O Tetanus
(Melody:  O Christmas Tree)

O Tetanus, O Tetanus
You little soil bacillus
O Tetanus O Tetanus
Gram positive rod that kills us

Clostridium, flagellar =B3tail=B2
I found you in a rusty nail

O Tetanus, O Tetanus
Tetanospasmin bearing
O Tetanus, O Tetanus
This time of year I=B9m sharing

I cannot move
My jaws are locked
My back is arched
I=B9m stiff with shock

O Tetanus, O Tetanus
A lovely gift for Christmas

And also, while doing my shopping this weekend in a mall =
(icky...but...) I discovered a musical error in one of the twisted =
carols I sent earlier, so here is the corrected version...

O Humid Night
(Melody: O Holy Night)

O Humid Night
Anopheline mosquitoes
Are circling you in the hope of a meal.
She takes a bite, saliva from her mouthparts
Drool parasites which you can=B9t see or feel

Trophozoites become merozoites
Schizonts nest inside your red blood cells

Fall on your knees, 
Pale, burning with fever
Are in your blood, were in your spleen
There=B9s no real cure, just in your dreams...

Your brain can get sick,
You will have a coma
After the rage and the headaches have passed
You=B9re veggie soup, home to protozoa,
Mosquito lands, time to go home at last..

Well, I think that's going to be all for this year. Enjoy and have a =
happy holiday!


"Van der waals with boughs of holly..."

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