HELP!!! Info. needed for a strange disease!

Yang Li yangli at ifp.uiuc.edu
Wed Dec 17 15:54:37 EST 1997

Hi,  one of my friends in China got the following strange disease.  Any
related info. like whether there are some medicine availble or whether
some special methods should be used to treat the disease will be
helpful.   I apologize if the message is not suitable here.  If you know
some better newsgroups that I should post the message, please help me.
Any assistance is highly appreciated.

Please send a message directly me if you know some info.

Thanks a lot!

--------> The description begins here:

> ** Crohn's disease: male, 34 years old.
> Preadmission:
> No jaundice; abdomen soft, epigastric enlargement, tenderness, no
> rebounding pain, no lump; blood amylase 1414 U/L, urine amylase 1625
> CT report -- acute pancreatitis, edematous type.
> After admission:
> Fasting, gastric drainage, pancreatic secretion control, antibiotic
> therapy and other supporting treatment. The patient's abdominal pain
> relieved and had no fever. Urine amylase 680 U/L. However, later the
> patient felt gastric obstruction and Barium X-ray showed "duodenal
> obstruction". One month after admission, an abdominal exploration was
> conducted (No information available).
> Current problem:
> Persistent duodenal obstruction, increasing abdominal enlargement,
> gastroenteral nutrition impossible. General emaciation, no fever,
> gastric drainage around 1500 ml. No abdominal tenderness, flatness
> in abdominal percussion. Blood tests confirmed hypoproteinemia,
> imbalance, and acid-base imbalance.


Yang Li
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