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I've posted this to groups that appear to have creative or at least
minds..if I made a mistake and you want to spam me, please do so at
thinkgreen at aol.com.

ArtSci98, a two-day symposium to be held in the Great Hall at
Cooper Union on April 4 & 5, 1998.  There, 40 of our nation's
most curious minds:  research scientists, artists, educators, writers,
and science and technology professionals, will present their work in
relation to issues of discovery, creativity, innovation, invention, and
current challenges. The goals of Art/Sci'98 are to dispel
confirm suspicions about the advantages of multi-disciplinary learning,
and take an affirmative step in the direction of narrowing the personal
and professional schisms between scientists and artists and the general
Agnes Denes  ..... pioneer environmental artist; 1997 Prix de Rome
Roger Malina  ..... astro-physicist & Editor of Leonardo Journal
PANEL FORMAT:   (75min. each)
- Introduction of each panelist (1min.) by moderator
- Each panelist talks about & shows (A/V) the conceptual framework of
  their current career challenge (5min.)
- Followed by a moderated discussion of specific panel topic  (30min.)
- Questions & Answers from the audience (15-20min.)
a scientist, artist, educator/ theorist/ or writer,
science or technology industry representative, and moderator.
I.  Creativity - its meaning and function in science and art.
II. The Transformative Functions of Science & Art
III. The Dialectics (Cybernetics?) of Art and Science
IV. The Artist and Scientist in Society
V. Technology & Creativity
VI. Problem Solvers & Mythmakers
VII.   Science in Art, Art in Science: Influence and Integration
VIII. Literal & Actual Collaborations
See http://www.asci.org/ArtSci98
for panelist bios, pre-registration info, etc.

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