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>John Cherwonogrodzky writes,
> Cases of the flesh-eating disease (proteolytic streptococci?) are in the 
> news recently. If the disease hits people with poor immunity, can doses 
>of  Gamma Globulin (collection of antibodies from generally resistant 
>prevent the disease?>
>Passive artificial immunization  - the injection of antibodies made by a 
>person who is immune to a disease into a person who is ill with that 
>disease - was a method of treatment used against infectious bacterial 
>diseases in the pre-antibiotic era. While the donor's antibodies reacted 
>successfully with the pathogenic organisms, the recipients often came 
>down with "serum sickness" because they produced antibodies of their own 
>against the antibiodies they had received.  Perhaps it might work in  
>patients who totally lack immune function (or are close to that point) - 
>they probably wouldn't get the serum sickness -  but since antibodies 
>have a limited life span, they might have to continue to receive 
>injections of donor antibodies until the infection was neutralized.
>Good question, this is really interesting. Does anyone out there know if 
>any studies have been done with passive artificial immunization in AIDS 


Gauduin MC, et al. 
      Passive immunization with a human monoclonal antibody protects hu-PBL-SCID
      mice against challenge by primary isolates of HIV-1. 
      Nat Med. 1997 Dec 1; 3(12): 1389-1393. 

Vox Sang 1997;73(3):149-154 
Virological and immunological data of AIDS patients
treated by passive immunotherapy (transfusions of
plasma rich in HIV-1 antibodies).
Morand-Joubert L, Vittecoq D, Roudot-Thoraval F, Mariotti M, Lefrere F,
Heshmati F, Audat F, Lambin P, Barre-Sinoussi F, Lefrere JJ

Karpas A.
   J Infect Dis 1994 Sep;170(3):742-744 
   Passive immunotherapy in treatment of advanced human
   immunodeficiency virus infection.   

Among others. Passive immunization with gamma globulin is a slo astandard
treatment for rabies.

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