Luminometer for luciferase assays

John Chalmers non12 at deltanet.com
Tue Dec 16 12:44:30 EST 1997

From: Jim Rogers <rogersj at nmripo.nmri.nnmc.navy.mil>
Newsgroups: bionet.microbiology
Subject: Luminometer for luciferase assays

Jim: A number of companies sell plate luminometers. A short list
(non-inclusive, simply what I have within reach) is

SFRI Inc. sfrinc at juno.com, 1-888-222-7374, URL http://www.sfriusa.com

DYNEX 1-800-336-4543

Labsystems 1-800654-9955, info at spectronic.com, 

TROPIX 1-800-542-2369, info at tropix.com, http://www.tropix.com

Analytical Luminescence Laboratories in San Diego, CA may also
have one, but I don't have their data or address at hand.

Turner Designs, http://www.turnerdesigns.com is another possibility
I've used their tube luminometers with satisfaction.

Cardinal Associates, cardinal at cardinal-sf.com and
htTp://www.cardinal-sf.com also make luminometers

Look for Wallach, Packard, etc. who also make and market such

Hope this helps


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