Luminometer for luciferase assays

. mika.tuomola at utu.fi
Tue Dec 16 09:49:17 EST 1997

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rogersj at nmripo.nmri.nnmc.navy.mil says...
> I want to measure the activity of a lux gene cloned into a bacterial site
> and I wanted to try this in a TC plate based assay.  Are there plate
> readers out there that can measure this activity?  A name and number and
> suggestions as to what to look for would be greatly appreciated

Try http://www.labsystems.fi

or, in USA: LABSYSTEMS INC., 8 Forge Parkway, Franklin, MA 02038
 Tel +1-508-528 0551
 Tel 800-LAB-PROD
 Fax +1-508-520 1632
 WWW-pages: http://www.centrifuge-pipette.com/ 

Mika Tuomola
Biotechnology, Univ. of Turku, Finland

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