DOE-SBIR topic on multigene assay of geneic information in plants and non-medical microbes

James Tavares james.tavares at mailgw.er.doe.gov
Tue Dec 16 17:33:24 EST 1997

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has just announced a Small Business
Innovation Research (SBIR) topic on High-Density, Multigene Assay of
Genetic Information in Plants and Non-Medical Microbes.  The Phase I
feasibility study awards up to $75,000 for 6 months with the possibility
of Phase II support of up to $750,000 to cover a two year research and
development effort.  The closing date for applications is March 2, 1998.

For complete information on the DOE SBIR Grant Program including
eligibility and application requirements look on website:


The specific technical topic on multigene assays  is #14 and appears at


- Grant applications are sought that employ nanotechnology designs to
develop multigene assays for plants and non-medical microbes. Research
should focus on multigene identification and monitoring strategies that
address some important aspect of the national energy picture involving
the use of plants or non-medical microbes. The focus should be on the
utility of the series of genes being assayed rather than on engineering
incremental improvements in the instruments used to create the
high-density array or detection system. The proposed research should
span the proof-of-concept phase to the application of the particular
genes assayed to an energy relevant system.

Grant applications must also address: (1) the novelty and utility of the
series of short oligonucleotides or longer gene-length
segments to be arrayed on a chip, (2) the realization potential of the
chip design or high-density array in terms of utilizing available
genomic sequence data, (3) a discussion on informatics and how data
generated from the gene chip can be handled and analyzed, (4) the
significance of the chip to plant and microbial research as well as to
the related energy advantage, and (5) the outlook for economic benefits.

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