The Long Terms Effects of Evolution...Take a Chance

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>so if we get rid..uh.. isolate every hemophiliac in the world, and
>nuterize them.. would we remove the defective gene?

The word you want is sterilise - since females can also carry the gene. 
(Does anyone else get the impression that "jabriol" is 13 or younger ?).

If the gene is recessive (and most harmful ones are) then you would  need
to sterilise everyone *carrying* the gene - not just those with

And *that* wouldn't guarantee that haemophilia was gone forever.  A similar
mutation might occur and the whole thing would start again.

Now the interesting thing is that science does not say that you *should* do
such a thing.  The moral question of whether the elimination of haemophilia
is worth such a massive invasion of people's lives is simply *not* a
scientific issue.  And *that* is the point that you - and Nando - keep

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