Beware the Pale Horse Behind

Danny Oper dannyoper at aol.com
Sat Dec 13 22:25:26 EST 1997


William Cooper, according to his biography, has 30 years of
intelligence background.  He resigned from the CIA after gaining
access to documents verifying that AIDS was created as population
control.  He tours the country giving lectures and has written a book
called "Behold a Pale Horse".  

He served in the Strategic Air Command, then received several metals
for valor in Vietnam.  He was a member of the Office of Naval
Security and Intelligence.  He was designated SPECAT operator in
the CINCPACFLT Command Center and held a Top Secret, Q,
SI security clearance.  He has produced several documentaries and
is an international radio personality.

He is also a gibbering idiot.  In his literature, you will find claims 
that Eisenhower made a deal with aliens, that Kennedy was 
assassinated because he was about to reveal the existence of aliens.
What goes on here?

Among the possibilities:

   1) CIA personnel in sensitive positions are sometimes complete
        nutcakes, validating the concern that there is no foolishness or
        atrocity that is potentially beyond the CIA.

   2) He is right after all, and reality itself is crazier than we realize.

   3)  He is neither crazy nor correct.  He is playing games of some
        kind, for propaganda purposes.

I lean toward option #3.  The Pale Horse looks a bit more like some
whitebread  with a horse's behind, or maybe that Pale Horse is
really a Trojan Horse.

If you are astute enough to realize the significant possibility that a
truth of some kind about AIDS is being suppressed, then Cooper
would be a marvelous ally.  His excellent credentials and
his dramatic revelations could make the job so quick and

So open the gates, bring him inside, and before you know it, he 
has left you looking like a complete fool.  Cute game.  I've
seen at least one would-be investigator already taken in,
with credibility sure to be compromised.

But why would anyone be playing such a game, if there were
not some prize to be protected and kept from reach?

He reminds me of an episode in the Iran-Contra affair, where
a man led on the media with seemingly juicy insider's knowledge,
only to have his whole story fall apart ridiculously after
just a small amount of simple investigation.   A man with obvious
good connections and sophisticated knowledge, yet he makes 
blunders so obvious, that he surely should have known that he
would be caught in his lies.

The real purpose?  The media, once burned and embarrassed,
would not want even to hear more allegations about Iran-Contra.
How convenient, for the real conspirators.  It is an old, old game.

Even if the man is a complete idiot, then option #1 at least
speaks to the level of idiocy that must exist in the shadows
of the intelligence world.  A clue, another small sign that 
something must wrong, a little piece of evidence for
the truth, to be recovered even from a propaganda artist
whose mission, most likely, is to sew confusion.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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