How do you grow bacteria?!?!?

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MI>Help!!!! I am a 9th grade student who was assigned a science fair
MI>project. Unfortunatly, I picked a project on the strength of different
MI>antibacterial soaps. I picked this topic, not realizing that I have
MI>almost no knowledge on the subject. I think I have the basic idea on how
MI>to complete the project. With me growing bacteria and applying the
MI>different brands of soap directly to the bacteria and I have a few
MI>questions concerning the project. First off, will this project work?? If
MI>it can be done, how can I grow defferent types of bacteria?? I need at
MI>leat two different types and again, I'm lost. Any responces will be
MI>helpful. Thanks in advance, -Mike Yerdon

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Yes, it should work. You will need something to use as petri dishs that
you can cover to keep dust, etc out. Formedia you can use a layer of
jello one fourth inch thick. For your bacteria you can just leave a dish
exposed or try swabing various thing and rub the swabs on different
places on the jello. Eventually something will grow. Pick two different
colors of cultures. On a fresh dish lay out some squares, swab each
square with a fresh cotton swab which has been wetted and rubbed on a
different type of soap. Leave a few untouched squares as controls.
Inoculate each of the squares with your cultures, use a tooth pick to
tranfer a touch of them. Keep a list of which square goes with which
soap. Let them grow. Make a chart of how fast each bug grows with each

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