oxidase test

Robert Randolph rrandolph at juno.com
Sat Dec 13 08:37:27 EST 1997

If one is suggesting that the oxidase test should be done on
Chocolate, Thayer-Martin, Transgrow, Martin-Lewis or NYC
media.......then you are testing on glucose containing media.  This is
standard procedure in every STD lab on the planet.  All of the above
media contain vitamin, cysteine, dextrose supplemented
enrichment........thus carbohydrates....thus glucose (dextrose).  If
anyone can cite a paper regarding false positives on the above media,
please cite it.  R.Randolph   microbiology at usa.net

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997 10:35:43 -0000, "Nick Johns"
<nickjohns at compuserve.com> wrote:

>Can anyone tell me why you should not perform the oxidase test on organisms
>grown on certain media. A colleague at work says that it shouldnt be done on
>organisms grown on media containing carbohydrate and so should be only done
>on organisms grown on a non selective blood plate which is not always
>practical in a clinical diagnostic laboratory (time,cost etc). However i
>have read that the only limitations for the oxidase test are specifically
>concerned with glucose or nitrate containing media. So does this mean that
>media such as Maconkey or CLED are in the clear?

rrandolph at juno.com

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