The Long Terms Effects of Evolution...Take a Chance

Jabriol jabriol at cris.com
Thu Dec 11 22:05:38 EST 1997

 > Jabriol, some diseases are just mutations.  Hemophilia is a perfect
 > example.  Like most mutations, hemophilia reduces the selection fitness
 > a person who carries it.  It is a recessive trait, which means that it
 > will manifest in one quarter of the children of a person who is
 > heterozygous for the allele.  Diseases, and anything else, are not
 > *caused* by evolution.  Evolution is an effect, not a cause.  A disease,

so we would say Hemophilia is genetic...

some illnesses are cause by outside influence.. viral or bacterial..

what is the ourside cause of hemophilia?

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