Yeasts, dangerous?

Nicky njb1 at maties.sun.ac.za
Thu Dec 11 17:36:28 EST 1997

dahd wrote:
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> >Dear Friends,
> >We ahve a problem in our animal house. Few guinea pigs imported from UK
> >died due to yeast infection (according to pathology reports). Can
> yeasts
> >be lethal? Do they affect humans except in vaginal infections? Are they
> >dangerous to humans?Thanks
> >Rajan Radhakrishnan PhD
> >Abu Dhabi
> YES to all of the above.

Not all yeasts will be a risk to humans. In fact we use some
(Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to make break with. We make wine and beer
with the aid of yeast. One can also find yeasts in the environment
around us, for instance on fruit, in the air and some even in the mouths
of humans and animals (Candida spp.). Some yeasts however (Candida
albicans), are opportunistic pathogens. That means that under normal
conditions they are of no consern to humans. Only when there is some
predisposing factor such as immunosuppresion or underlying illnes do
they become dangerous and can a yeast infection be fatal.

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