post-translational modifications in prokaryonts

Claudio Mafra mafra at MAIL.UFV.BR
Thu Dec 11 10:40:06 EST 1997

	I am looking for information on post-translational modifications in
prokaryontic organisms, more specifically in rickettsias.
	My questions and doubts are concentrated about the occorrence, individual
importance and how much is it important for the protein structure. I am
open to another comments about this modifications, domains, functions etc
etc etc


Claudio Mafra

Laboratorio de Biologia e Controle de Hematozoarios
Nucleo de Biotecnologia Aplicada a Agropecuaria
Departamento de Veterinaria
Universidade Federal de Vicosa
36.571-000 - Vicosa - MG

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