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Tineke Diavatopoulos tineke.diavatopoulos at student.lenm.wau.nl
Wed Dec 10 19:07:28 EST 1997

We are two students food technology from the Wageningen Agricultural
University. Our study requires a five month traineeship, which we like
to complete in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the US. 
The traineeship has to be involved with (food)microbiology. If you are
interested please answer.
We have planned to start our traineeship in may 1998, for a period of
5 months.
This is our fifth year at the university. First we have taken general
courses in food chemistry, physics and microbiology. Then we
specialised in microbiology and quality assurance. Therefore we have
taken courses in business administration and management, quality
management, case studies quality assurance, microbiology, food
microbiology and fermentation.
The survey, which we are working on now is a five month 'final'
project. In this project is a lot of practical work involved. After
our traineeship we have planned to do a three month final project,
working on a quality system in a company.
We are curious to know what kind of projects you're working on, and
what is possible for us.

We are looking forward to your answer.

Tineke Diavatopoulos (Tineke.Diavatopoulos at student.lenm.wau.nl)
Dirk-Jan Hemmelder (Dirk-Jan.Hemmelder at student.lenm.wau.nl)

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