Salmonella and Streptococci

Gary Lum glum at ozemail.com.au
Sat Dec 6 03:21:55 EST 1997

Eirik Korsell wrote:

> Point taken; but let's say you want to create a list of let's say 20
> differences between two species of bacteria. What I'm after is a
> book/web site/whatever where you can look up any bacteria in some index
> and get out a list of all the diagnostic characteristics of the species.
> I've tried a couple of degree textbooks and Bergy's manual but none
> seems to do the trick for me. I just can't find the information I'm
> looking for.....any more ideas..??

I doubt you'll find what you want.  The table would be huge and too
unwieldy.  I'd settle for the text books and graft your own list.


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