What is the the effect of Different Types of Milk Containers on the Growth rate of bacteria?

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> > Well I am a 7th grade student and my science fair project title is "What is
> There are glass milk bottles, waxed cardboard, polyethylene film bonded
> to cardboard, and polyethylene jugs.  The bugaboo about plastic jugs was
> that they let in ultraviolet light from fluorescent lamps, which
> progressively destroys Vitamin D.  Then some naughty news station did a
> study on Vitamin D content of milk and found it was all over the map
> because oily Vitamin D and watery (especially the reduced fat
> atrocities) milk are immiscible.  Environmentalists do not lust after
> statistical process control engineering sanctions.  The noise about
> protecting the innocent from the heinous effects of notional, fictive,
> and nugatory UV degradation vanished.
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> Uncle Al Schwartz

Irrespective of what CJ learns about bugs from this post, when he's
through he'll be a seventh grader with a killer vocabulary ;-)
....what exactly do fictive, nugatory and bugaboo mean?


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