Removing Polysaccharide

Jim Rogers rogersj at nmripo.nmri.nnmc.navy.mil
Wed Dec 3 18:35:51 EST 1997

The use of the CTAB (check Short Protocols in Mol. Biol. I think) method to
make both chromosomal and plasmid DNA is suppose to take care of the
release of polysaccharides.

M.C. Bean <MICMCB at leeds.ac.uk> wrote in article
<65jfic$j3o_001 at leeds.ac.uk>...
> In our Lab we mainly work with Cyanobacteria and are haveing a serious 
> problem with extracellular polysaccharides. Does anyone know any good
ways of 
> removing it?
> Thanks in Advance
> Matt
> Dept. Microbiology
> University of Leeds

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