Asian Currency Crisis (opportunity)

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ou requested.
(whether you are concerned investor/hedger or speculator, this info can change your strategy on the way you do your investments)
Dear Malito

The aftermath of regional Asian stock markets, is going to have a much deeply rooted affair with their economic background, as well as their future prospects, expectation of further defaults by banks and companies exposed to Forex & equity exposure is on the cards.

Some have connected these problems with major hedge fund aggressive selling of local Asian currencies. The Hong Kong dollar, been the only one not affected as yet, due to excessive monitoring of levels by the HKMA, speculation has now risen that the next couple of weeks should show the HK dollar its proper level, to some dealers its seen as HK$ 10-15 to the greenbuck (US=1), once its current peg gives way.

Now where does the forces of Chain reaction leaves the other markets no matter whether Equity, Debt, Agricultural, Asian, European, North American, where-so-ever-what-so-ever, When badly affected Asian markets collapse, they send a chill through major Stock Exchanges around the globe, there has always been
a relatively of connections as for example a company in Europe or USA may be deriving their profits from Asia, selling or buying products & services with Asia. Billion dollar fund management advisers dump stocks on a regional basis, and look out for warning signs on a global basis, this fact is evident by looking at the 87 crash or this year's 1997 repeat. 

Portfolio's are re-positioned for long term prospects, or for the better of risk management, with this complete change of strategy, where does all this big money do to the unexposed Investor, it could either be an great opportunity or disaster for the uninformed

There are ways and means whereby an investor can protect his exposure by trading Futures contracts with PHILLIP GNI FUTURES PTE LTD, AND FOR THIS WE HAVE A SPECIAL

A little bit of Information on Phillip GNI Futures, Is a founding clearing member of Singapore International Monetary Exchange (http://www.simex.com) and the futures arm of Phillip Securities PL, one of the major stock broking company in Singapore

Established since 1983, Phillip Futures PL name now has been changed to Phillip GNI Futures PL, as Gerrard & National Inter Commodities PL (http://www.gni.co.uk) an SFA regulated broker, seek Phillip Futures for the Execution of Asian Stock Index and other futures contracts.

Phillip GNI Futures offer you their services in  

*STOCK INDEX : Nikkei 225, MSCI Taiwan Stock Index, Kuala Lumpur Composite Index, Hang Seng Stock Index 
(Recommended at present), Standard & Poor 500, FTSE 100, NYSE Composite index. DJIA 

CURRENCIES : Australian $, British Pound, Canadian $, DeutscheMark, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, French-Franc, New Zealand Dollar. (Coming up Singapore dollars & Malaysian Ringgit) Currency Crosses.

METALS : Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum. 

INTEREST RATES : T-Bond, T-Bills, Euro-Dollar, Euro-Yen, Euro-DM, Japanese Gov't Bond, KLIBOR, German- 	    Bunds, Italian Gov't Bond, Long Gilts, Short Sterling.

Oil : Crude Oil, Heating oil #2, Natural gas, Crude Palm oil, Brent Crude oil.

AGRICULTURES : Corn, Soybeans, Soybeans oil, Soybean meal, Oats, Wheat, Live Cattle, Lean Hogs, Feeder-                                  Cattle, Lumber, Pork Bellies, Cotton, Orange Juice, Cocoa, Sugar #11.

(Please note that all trading done with us is on a non-discretionary basis, which means all transactions done are only authorized by you, we don't offer managed Accounts as yet, and there is risk of loss in trading futures)

For those who are not aware of the risk and profit potential in these markets, contact us for the Special report and on details on how the trading is conducted.

Daniel M
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recommendations, etc...
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