Bacterial ID

Tue Dec 2 19:37:49 EST 1997

Hi All,

I am currently working with microbial cultures that are cabable of 
breaking down a certain chemical I work with. I know that I have a 
mixed culture as plating out has revealed several different types of 
colonies on nutrient agar. Some of the colonies appeared 
creamish-brown!! with a mucoid surface. I think these could possibly 
be a  Pseudomonas as they have a strong smell ( akin to a baby's nappy 
(diaper for all in the US) in my opinion). I may be totally wrong and 
would really appreciate advice on this matter.

Could someone tell me the best ways to identify these bacteria (ie 
isolation agar, API test, biochemical tests etc.  All the colonies 
have the same creamy (light brown on the edges ) colour but they are 
all not the same shape.

All advice gratefully received.

                     Kind regards,
                                            Maria Davoren

E-mail:- Mdavoren at athlone-rtc.ie

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