Oxidase Test?

Marlene DeMers mdemers at sunstroke.sdsu.edu
Wed Jul 31 14:34:22 EST 1996

Hi There,
Does anyone out there have a "fool proof" way of doing the
oxidase test on teaching type strains of bacteria?  I am
involved in teaching Microbiology laboratories at a major
university and we use the oxidase test in keying out the
unknowns.  We hear a lot of problems from the students, i.e.
that the test gives false negatives and positives.  Originally
we tried the impregnated paper that we made ourselves, then
decided to buy the spot test in ampules by Difco.  We had some
improvement, but not as much as we had hoped for. Does anyone
use another method or any suggestions to imporve our results.
Thank you in advance from myself and the many future
microbiology students in San Diego!

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