Food grown in vats

David Erskine erskine at griffith.dwr.csiro.au
Mon Jul 29 23:37:33 EST 1996

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   nlandau at eden.rutgers.edu (Nicholas Landau) wrote:

>You mentioned that eating cell culture would be practical in places like
>Antarctica, which are remote from arable land.  I am not sure that I
>agree.  All of the substrates and nutrients required by the cell
>culture would need to be imported, anyway.  In fact, the mass of
>substrate and nutrients used to maintain a cell culture would well
>exceed your yield of tissue, and so it would be easier just to
>ship the produce.


All the nutrients must be imported except water. Fruit is
mainly water, and water is available in Antarctica after
melting. Dry weight only has to be imported.

Nutrients, such as sugar, are easy to store in bulk. Easier
to store a tonne of sugar than a tonne of tomato.

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