Ceftazidime Stability

Enigl enigl at aol.com
Mon Jul 29 00:09:17 EST 1996

>>Subject:	Ceftazidime Stability
From:	Joel.Weiner at ualberta.ca (Joel Weiner)
Date:	Wed, 24 Jul 1996 10:28:09 -0600

Does anyone know a source of information on the stability of ceftazidime
in solution?? Contact tenshuk.kadima at ualberta.ca<<

Stability is a touchy subject because FDA requires stability validation
and yet many companies are lacking in stability data to support their
expiration date claims.   Each company has a different stability due to
the "engineering" design of their process/product.

My consulting service writes protocols for this.

Davin C. Enigl, MS-MEAS, http://home.aol.com/enigl and

HACCP Validations-sm
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Validations
For the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry
July 28, 1996
6:10 pm

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