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I am currently running a biotreatability test using a =

hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria (Rhodococcus sp.) that is showing good =

soil respiration activity at 4 to 5=B0C on diesel oil-contaminated soil. =

This psychrotrophic strain is being studied by the National Research =

Council of Canada's Biotechnology Research Institute in Montreal.  =

Contact Dr. Lyle Whyte at whyte at biotech.lan.nrc.ca. for information =

regarding its availability.

J. Jeffrey Wilson, Ph.D., P.Biol.
Senior Remediation Scientist
Golder Associates Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta

jwilson at golder.com

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Subject: psicrotrophs
Author:  Josep Maria Nieto Marquenyo 1487 <nieto at porthos.bio.ub.es> at in=
Date:    07/29/96 11:25 AM

Dear netters,
Anyone has direct knowledge of bacterial or yeast
strains that can be grown at 4 (four) degrees?

please reply to e-mail address

nieto at porthos.bio.ub.es

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