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Subject: Dairy Microbiology/Diagnostics

To whom who are concerned

The extended  academic  research for Ukrainian Dairy Manufacturers
Association  is   scheduled   at   1996-1998   to   evaluate   the
seasonal,regional,and  technological variations in microbiological
safety of such dairy products as raw and  fermented  milk  ,  sour
milk cream, curd , and cheese.

The standard  microbiological  methods of diagnostics and new ones
,including immune-emzyme techniques,  will be used and compared  in
this research .

The companies who are producing and distributing  the  diagnostics
of  pathogenic  microorganisms  for  dairy industry are invited to
send the testing samples of  their  products  for  using  in  this
research. Minimal quantity is a  lot  to  carry  out  one  hundred
analisis.  The formal protocols and official report of the studies
and testing the diagnostics in ukrainian dairy  industry  will  be
returned during  1997  and  1998  to  the companies who sent their

The testing can be carried out by agreement  between  the  company
and Institute of EcoBiotechnology,or without it. The dead line for
the signing of formal agreement for the testing of  diagnostics  /
sertification  of  diagnostics  for  ukrainian  market  is October

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