Request for strains and plasmids

Dr. Jvrg Fiedler jfiedler at hrz.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Fri Jul 26 06:28:29 EST 1996

Dear Colleges,
we are working on conjugation and transformation mediated by plasmids in soil 
bacteria. Therefore we like to establish methods to detect a wide range of those 
strains by PCR technics and antibodies.
To determine the number of soil bacteria which are carrying transferable 
plasmids and to test our PCR primers and antibodies we need all kind of strains, 
with any conjugal transfer system and the cured strains, if possible.
If you are storing such strains in your bacterial collection and if you are willing 
to send us one ore two or ... or just for further information, it would be fine if 
you contact us by using  one of the following adresses:

        Dr. B. Dreiseikelmann; University of Bielefeld, Germany
        EMail: B.Dreiseikelmann at biologie.uni-bielefeld.de
        Dr.C.Disque-Kochem; University of Bielefeld, Germany
        EMail: Claudia.Disque at biologie.uni-bielefeld.de

Snail mail:     Postfach 100 131
                     33501 Bielefeld 

or look at: http://www.biologie.uni-bielefeld.de/~bdreis/
(sorry, at the moment German only, but we are working on it...)

Joerg Fiedler
Universitaet Bielefeld
Abt. Gentechnologie und Mikrobiologie


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