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In answer to the question, should one use new names that are published in

The paper of Dobson and Franzmann, mentioned in the original post,
proposes the transfer of Deleya marina into the genus Halomonas, as
Halomonas marina.  As indicated in the original post, this name, because
it has been proposed in IJSB, is valid.  However the old name (Deleya
marina) remains valid as well.  Which name should you use?  That is a
matter of taxonomic judgement.  You should read Dobson & Franzmann's paper
and if you agree with it you should use the new name; otherwise use the
old one.  The validity of a name only indicates that it conforms to
nomenclatural rules, and this doesn't necessarily mean that the name makes
taxonomic sense.  It's up to each microbiologist to make that judgement. 
In the particular case in point it seems there are good reasons to adopt
the new name.

Leaving things to each individual's judgement may seem like an inefficient
way to classify organisms, but what is the alternative?  There will always
be controversial taxonomic decisions, so who is to make them?  Some
committee?  Who will choose the committee?  Do you want a committee to be
making scientific decisions for you?  The judgement of taxonomic experts
is available in helping you to make your taxonomic decisions, for instance
in Bergey's Manuals.  In the meantime, my advice is to just call it
Halomonas marina.

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> lkista at UNM.EDU (Linnea Ista) wrote in article
<Pine.A32.3.91.960716143033.273572A-100000 at musca.unm.edu>...
> Hi everyone!
> I have a question concerning taxonomy. I have just found out that the  
> organism (Deleya marina) I am working on  has been "unified" into
> genus. This is according to the April issue of Int. J. Sys. Bacteriol.
> least. Does this one citation mean that the name has been changed or 
> should I wait until it is changed at ATCC or somewhere until I start 
> calling it by its new name in publications. I am a little hesitant to 
> change right away.
> If anyone could help, I would appreciate it!
> Thanks!
> Linnea

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