Food grown in vats

David Erskine erskine at griffith.dwr.csiro.au
Wed Jul 24 22:45:53 EST 1996

Food grown in vats

Is it possible to grow fruit and vegetables in vats? A vat
of apple cells, fed with sugar, air and small amounts of
other nutrients, should becomes full of apple goo. If the
cells have some inert substrate to cling to, they will form
a large slab of apple.

Food grown in the traditional way is much cheaper, but in
remote areas, such as Antarctica, some vat grown food might
be a good alternative to transporting and storing food.
Transport sugar, not the food itself.

If successful, vat grown food could include potato, carrot,
tomato, pineapple, plum, even beef, chicken, possibly egg,
and milk. The last reminds us that one food, cheese, has
been grown in vats since antiquity. So has beer and wine.

Batches of food in vats are grown all the time. Seasons do
not matter, nor do day or night.

David Erskine

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