High-impact microbiology journals?

Jim bina at unixg.ubc.ca
Wed Jul 24 03:03:21 EST 1996

TRY  http://www.mdc-berlin.de/biblio/impact.htm

In article <4t4fdn$5p7 at franklin.its.utas.edu.au>, 
Kevin.Sanderson at path.utas.edu.au says...
>     just wondering if anyone has any thoughts, or preferably facts, on
>what are the high impact micro journals. I believe that some
>information about a journals impact can be found in the Journal
>Citation Reports which are an annual supplement to the Science Citation
>Index. However, these reports are not included in the online version of
>the Science Citation Index and I do not have access to a printed copy.
>Thanks in advance for any help.
>Kevin Sanderson, Research Associate, Dept of Pathology, University of

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