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Yersinia yersinia at BUTTERCUP.CYBERNEX.NET
Sat Jul 20 20:48:30 EST 1996

Douglas Stemke wrote:

<In the US try American Type Culture Collection, 12301 Parklawn Drive, 
Rockville, Maryland, 20852 USA.  I also believe they are on-line but I 
don't know their location (I ran across it once using Gopher).  I don't 
know what their policy on getting pathogens though and I assume that you 
will have to get special permits for sending something like that in 
international mail.  I'll bet there is something similar to ATCC in Japan.>

ATCC's website is at http://www.atcc.org. It has all kinds of information 
pertaining to regulations and forms required for purchasing and sending 
pathogenic microorganisms through the mail in addition to a searchable 
database on specific organisms and prices for each one. 


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