Postdoc Position Available

Eddy Jakobovits eddyjake at sciweb.com
Sat Jul 20 17:06:33 EST 1996

Smyth wrote:
> Postdoctoral position available in laboratory studying signaling
> pathways involved in the regulation of apoptosis and cell senescence.
> Applicant must have experience in molecular biology, cell biology, and
> tissue culture.
> Applicant must be US citizen or permanent resident alien.
> Send CV and names of three referees to :
> Dr. M.J. Smyth, Dept. of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center/Durham
> VA Medical Center, 182 GRECC, 508 Fulton St. Durham, NC 27705-3875
> e-mail: smyth @acpub.duke.edu

Just a note to let you know that SciWeb, a new web site at:
http://sciweb.com will list post doc announcements on the site to the
Life Science community - announcements go up for free. We also list
technician openings for free and faculty positions for
$50/posting. We keep the ad up for two months unless requested

If you are interested, just write to: eddyjake at sciweb.com and send the 
text of the post and the contact information. We will get it up within a
day for you.

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