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Hi everyone,

A  chemist with whom I correspond sent me the following announcement, 
asking that I pass it on. None of my own colleagues (i.e., the people I 
myself work with) are in this field so I thought I'd copy it and send it 
along to the readers of this list. I hope you all find it interesting and 


<Here is an opporunity for any of your friends who want to use neural networks
to to find new genes in human DNA sequences and to predict the structure and
function of newly discovered protein sequences.  Located in beautiful UC Santa

Postdoctoral and Graduate Researcher Positions in Biosequence Analysis at UCSC

We are looking for people with backgrounds in statistics and computer science 
(e.g. machine learning, hidden Markov models, neural networks, speech 
recognition) to design and implement algorithms to find new genes in 
human DNA sequences, and to predict the structure and function of newly 
discovered protein sequences. Working knowledge of molecular biology is 
desired but not required; we can teach you what you need to know to get 
started and then you can learn the rest while you are here.  An introductory 
overview of our research and selection of recent papers can be found at  




contains a recent article in Science about how hot this field is.

Our biosequence analysis group currently consists of 3 faculty:
D. Haussler (Computer Science), R. Hughey and K. Karplus (Computer
Engineering), as well as 8 graduate students, 6 undergraduate students,
and a postgraduate researcher. We have active collaborations with
biologists at UCSC, as well as with groups at Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Genome Center, the Sanger Centre, and the European Molecular Biology

We have one postdoc position to start Jan. 1, 1997, and have the 
opportunity during this month (before Aug. 1, 1996) to apply for another 
postdoc position that will also start Jan. 1. In addition, we are trying 
to build our graduate program in this area, so we encourage 
post-baccalaureate students to apply to begin graduate study at UCSC in 
this area in Fall 1997. (In exceptional cases we will consider
graduate applications for Jan. 1 or March 31, 1997 as well.) 
We support qualified graduate students with research assistantships. 

If you are interested in a postdoc position, send your vita and letters
of reference asap to Lisa Pascal (lisa at cse.ucsc.edu,  hardcopy: Lisa Pascal,
Computer Science, University of California, Santa Cruz CA 95064).

Applications and other information about our graduate program
can be obtained on the web by starting at http://www.cse.ucsc.edu
or by calling the graduate division at 408 459-2301 
(email: gradadm at cats.ucsc.edu). For addition information
about graduate study in computer science and computer engineering
contact Carol Mullane (mullane at cse.ucsc.edu; 408 459-2576).

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